Malaysian Airlines Tradgedy Follow Up

Following up on our Malaysian flight MH370 that disappeared 8th March 2014. We have received news recently regarding a conversation between pilot of the aircraft Zaharie Ahmad Shah and his wife. To see ms saha under scurtinasation watch the latest update with uzair on I.S.S. Media


The 4th Term Murder

There has been a possible stab and run report in the bathroom of International School Suva yesterday at 8 am. Currently the victim has not been found from however, there are several suspects. For more information tune into the latest reports of I.S.S. Media, and Aya giving the inside report.

The Service Group To Save The S.P.C.A

Just a few days ago a small after school activity service group from International School Suva finished fundraising for the only SPCA organization in the Fiji islands. The SPCA is not helped financially by the government so this donation was very helpful and appreciated.
But all in all the service group fundraised a total 600 dollars, which will contribute to maintaining and running this animal shelter, so they could get better vets, food, toys, blankets and heaps more.

MH370 Boeing 777-200ER goes down and the sound of screams

the MH370 Being 777-200ER, consisting of 227 passengers and a crew of 12 have suffered a catastrophic disaster .The men, women and children aboard the plane have all gone missing as well as the plane itself. The Plane left Kuala Lumpur International Airport heading for Beijing international Airport but never made it to the designated destination.Air traffic control received and reported the aircraft’s last transmission at 01:20 when it was cruising over the South China Sea, less than an hour after takeoff. Military radars came to a conclusion at 02:15 that the aircraft was last plotted over the Andaman Sea; 320 kilometers northwest of Penang state in northwestern Malaysia and the Malaysian Airlines flight was formally reported missing at 07:24. There have presently been no reports of any fatalities or casualties. A team of 180 individuals have been operating full time on unraveling the mystery of the MH370.

According to the 64-page report from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, MH370 made an unexpected “log on” request to a satellite less than 90 minutes after it departed from Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft experienced another such logon request several hours later, even though this was its seventh and final satellite handshake and is assumed to have been triggered by the plane running out of fuel and electrical power before apparently colliding on the ocean surface of the South China Sea. There have been numerous conspiracy theories and mechanical defaults that possibly play into the mysterious disappearance of the Boeing 777-200ER. Malaysia airlines officials and officers have exposed potential new indications of some tampering done with the plane’s cockpit equipment. As well as proclamations made by Malaysia airlines, a report released by Australian air crash investigators revealed that the missing Boeing 777 underwent a mysterious power outage during the primary stages of its flight. David Gleave, an aviation safety specialist from Loughborough University, said the disruption to the power supply appeared to be a consequence of someone in the cockpit attempting to minimize the use of the aircraft’s systems. The action, he said, was constant with an effort to turn the plane’s communications and other systems off in an attempt to prevent radar detection. Apart from mechanical defaults many conspiracy theories have been appointed from society and researchers claiming that there are other factors, which affected the absence of MH370 and Malaysian opposition leader, Anwar Ibrahim, has accused his country’s government of holding back “missing bits of information”, giving fuel to the conspiracy theories. There has been some news that money has been withdrawn from four missing passenger’s bank accounts, which leads as evidence that the flight Mh370 has landed somewhere and its passengers and crew remain alive but do also provoke the chances of a possible hostage situation. The mystery also suggests that the missing Malaysian Airways may have been shot down by accidently by US- Thai joint strike fighters in a military practice in the South China Sea. It was also proclaimed that Israeli agents planned to crash the Malaysian Airways plane into a building and then blame the atrocity on Iran.

I.S.S. Primary Students Poised For Dance

Local News
Primary Concert
In local news, the primary students of International School Suva are preparing for the end of year primary concert. All primary students will take part by performing a piece which was choreographed by the students, in assistance and supervision of their teachers and parents. The end of the year primary concert is a great opportunity for students to embrace culture, friendship and the environment. The end of year primary concert is an event all students, teachers and parents work hard for and look forward to. The event brings everyone together, and helps people forget about their stressful days over the entertainment of the children’s performance. The students have been preparing for this event for many weeks now. According to the primary students, they practiced hard every single day, and are very excited about the event. The end of year primary concert will be held in International School Suva tonight (Tuesday, 25th of November 2014